About Us

We are a Colombian film company that has a crazy dream of building a solid film industry from the rebelliousness of merging all forms of imagining cinema, where the future of new technologies and the perception of the public are taken into account.

This revolution expands to visualize the production company in an arid and little explored environment, but full of fruits: genre cinema, where horror, fantasy and science fiction are combined.

The Team

The Producer / Cofounder

Nathalia Varela

She spent her entire childhood in Andalucía, Colombia. In search of new opportunities and for the love of art, she decided to study Cinema at the "Universidad Autonoma de Occidente" in the city of Cali, which allowed her to open up to new opportunities in the audiovisual world. She has worked in the Production and Direction Assistance department in different national and international projects. In addition, she has a diploma in audiovisual production from Takeshima Recording Studios. She has been Head of Production for short films such as “Penumbra, mi amor”; “Senescencia”; “Sisas La Mona” winner of FDC directed by Santiago Lozano Álvarez and Head of Development of the feature film “Yo ví tres luces negras” also directed by Santiago Lozano Álvarez and produced by Contravía Films.


Juan Pablo Perafan

Juan Sebastián Parra

"Los Juanes" are professionals in Cinema from the "Universidad Autonoma de Occidente", and Pablo has a master's degree (M.A) in Serial Storytelling from the IFS Köln in Germany. Both have been working together for more than a decade in different audiovisual media, from narrative fiction and documentary products, as well as institutional and advertising material. They work with companies such as 64a-films, Oveja Eléctrica and Origen, and have participated in external feature films such as “Sal” by director William Vega, and “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" by Juan Manuel Acuña. Between them they have a filmography that includes works of short films such as "Penumbra, mi amor", "La Carretera", "Romelia", "Kill Cat", "Cromosoma", "Senescencia", “El Sonido de la Sal”. Currently they are working on their first feature film titled “I Choose Violence”.



A Colombian antropologist searches for her missing husband in the jungle after discovering that he was studying a tribe of women that were using witchcraft to bring back to life their dead killed by war.

Status:In advanced development – Financing.